Week #5 (10/4) Ohm's Law, Series & Parallel, Opens & Shorts.

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Week #5 (10/4) Ohm's Law, Series & Parallel, Opens & Shorts.

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Today is October 4th! Happy Manufacturing Day!!!! Here's a video about Eppendorf Consumables. Eppendorf, Inc., a global producer of life sciences laboratory equipment has a manufacturing facility in Enfield, CT, with several STCC students working there.

Today's lecture will be a brief presentation on Ohm's Law, a review of Series & Parallels Circuits (from Week #4 of EET-105) and then a discussion of Opens and Shorts in an electric circuit, and what happens in an electric circuit when they occur.

Ohm's Law, series & parallel circuits are covered in our text in Chapter 20. Please read pages 379 - 391.

For Homework:
Please answer Review Questions 1-11 on page 395.

Here is a pretty good video series on Ohm's Law and related content from Khan Academy: Khan Academy on Ohm's Law.

From wisc-online.com:

Ohm's Law

Ohm's Law Practice Problems

Opens & Shorts
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