Week #9: (11/1) Troubleshooting - Power Dissipation Issues

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Week #9: (11/1) Troubleshooting - Power Dissipation Issues

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Today we'll discuss the power dissipation of components.

Electrical power is measured in Watts, and the power dissipated by an electrical component can be determine if two of the three following parameters are known: The Voltage (V) across the device, the Current (I) through the device or the Resistance (R) of the device.

We will look at a few common electrical and electronic components and determine how to calculate the power dissipated by the device.

Homework Assignment for 11/8 (No Class that day!):
Power Dissipation Assignment.pdf
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While principally a safety organization, we will discuss Underwriters Laboritories in class and their rating of electrical devices.

Here are some Typical UL Appliance Labels.

U.L. Standards

How to Obtain a U.L. Approval

Here's the Excel Spreadsheet presented in class, if you wish to play with the numbers on your own:
Resistor Power Calculations v19.2.xlsx
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If you don't have Microsoft Excel on your computer, this file will work with LibreOffice which is FREE and is available for Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems. Libre Office.org
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