Week #1: Board of Education Basics

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Week #1: Board of Education Basics

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For the majority of this course, you will need to use your BS2 BoeBot board to complete the experiments. However, instead of using the BoeBot Manual, we will begin a review using the What's a Microcontroller aka WAM text. The WAM text pdf is attached below. Also attached below is the Basic Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual, The Professional Development Board Documentation and the StampWorks Manual which will be used with the Professional Development Board.

This material should be a review from your EET-101 class, even though the presentation and emphasis is slightly different. The programming is exactly the same as you did with your Boebot.

Assignment: This week you should complete the exercises in Chapter 3 and as much of Chapter 4 as possible in the What's a Microcontroller text. If you have your BoeBot and parts, you should be able to complete most of these exercises at home. If you need any components, they are probably available in the lab if you need to borrow them.

The BS2 editor is installed on our computers in 20/M118. You are encouraged to have the BS2 editor installed on your own laptop or home computer as well. Here's the link to download the Parallax Editor for Windows and other operating systems. Make sure you download the proper version for your operating system. There IS a Mac version for those with Apple products, and I believe a Linux version as well, though some of the less used options are not available as in the Windows Editor. But they do allow you to program your BS2 from a Mac or Linux based computer.

You must post a progress report as a Reply to this Topic once you complete the exercises.
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