Week #8: (3/9-13) Barcode & RFID

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Week #8: (3/9-13) Barcode & RFID

Post by rjagodowski » Mon Mar 09, 2020 9:48 pm

This week we'll discuss Barcode and RFID Technologies and their application to an automated environment.

Barcode from Wikipedia, we'll scroll down a bit to look at the benefits of barcode in the Retail Industries.

How UPC Barcodes Work from How Stuff Works.com.

In addition to the links below, assuming we have internet connectivity this morning in class, we will watch a presentation from Cognex "Back to Basics: Introduction to Barcode Reading and Symbologies". This is about 45 minutes long. Here is a list of other Cognex Webinars available on demand. If you can't access these, you should create an account using your STCC e-mail address.

Here are the PowerPoint presentation slides for the above webinar:

RFID from Wikipedia.

How RFID Works from How Stuff Works.com.

RFID vs. Barcode from Jovix.

Harting RFID Video This video mentions Kanban. Here's a quick video on Kanban 101 - What is Kanban? (3:57).

Terms used in the above video defined:
What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?
What is MES (Manufacturing Execution System?

Understanding the Difference between MRP and ERP Systems.
(8.51 MiB) Downloaded 12 times

EZPass...are they only read at tollbooths?

And just for fun: Is this a Left-Handed or Right-Handed Screwdriver by Mark Dice.

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