Week #10: (11/12) Hydraulic Cylinder Force

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Week #10: (11/12) Hydraulic Cylinder Force

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We'll spend most of today's discussion on:

The Force of a Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder Speed

These exercises work through several different problems. Additional homework problems will be posted here soon.

Some additional support links:

Here is an online Cylinder Force Calculator from Engineering Toolbox.com

Here's a formula which calculates the required hydraulic pump flow rate based upon the cylinder size and the desired operating speed. Hydraulic Pump Capacity Formula.

Once you know the required capacity of the pump, you can use this link to calculate Horsepower Required to Drive Hydraulic Pump.

This link shows how to calculate the Volume Required to Fill Hydraulic Cylinder. Remember there has to be sufficient fluid in the system to circulate throughout all of the plumbing and actuators. This ultimately will give some sense for the capacity of the fluid reservoir.

Here's a pdf on Hydraulic Cylinder Troubleshooting, showing some good pics of specific failure types:
Hydraulic Cylinder TroubleShooting.pdf
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HW02_Hydraulic Cylinder Force Calculations.pdf
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Re: Week #10: (11/12) Hydraulic Cylinder Force

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