Week #7: (10/22) Pneumatic Compononents

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Week #7: (10/22) Pneumatic Compononents

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This week we will begin our discussion of Pneumatic Components. Those topics not covered in Week #7 will be completed in Week #8.

First topic of discussion will be Air Compressors. Here's a Wisc-Online presentation on Types of Pneumatic Compressors. Emphasis will be placed on positive displacement reciprocating single and dual stage compressor types.

And here's a presentation on
Pneumatic Directional Control Valves

the Air Pilot


Pneumatic Actuators.

Simple Pneumatic Circuits

And other related topics:

Pneumatic Filters, Regulators, Lubricators (FRLs)

Pneumatic Schematic Symbols & Flashcards

Pneumatic Air Leaks

Pneumatic Cylinder Flow Control

Manual Control of a Reciprocation Circuit

Repetitive Cylinder Cycling

Designing a Reciprocation Circuit

Pneumatic Air Conservation, which stresses some important concepts regarding the cost to provide pneumatic power, and why it is important to match the output of the compressor to the demands of the pneumatic tools/actuators.

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Got it.
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