Week #8: (3/9-13) Stepper Motors & PING Ultrasonic Sensor

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Week #8: (3/9-13) Stepper Motors & PING Ultrasonic Sensor

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This week we will discuss the operation of Stepper Motors and of the Ultrasonic PING Sensor.

Stepper Motor Speed and Torque Relationship
stepper-motor-torque-speed-curve.png (5.89 KiB) Viewed 137 times
In addition, we have this Wisc-Online Tutorials:

Variable Reluctance Stepper Motor

Stepper Motors and Micro-Stepping.

Here's the Stepper Motor Lab from the Parallax StampWorks Book:
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Here's the pdf for the Professional Development Board:
BS2 Professional Development Board.pdf
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PING Sensor:

Time permitting, we will also start the discussion on the ultrasonic PING Sensor.

The PING Ultrasonic Sensor is one of the required labs you will have to perform before the end of the semester.

Here's the link to the PING Sensor from Parallax and here is the Chapter from the Smart Sensors Text using the PING sensor. These are the exercises you should perform when using the PING.
PING from SmartSensorsText_v14.1.pdf
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Here's a document on using the PING as a fluid level detector:
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The PING sensor reports it's information to the BS2 using the PULSIN command. Here is the information about PULSIN from the Syntax & Reference Manual:
PULSIN from Syntax & Reference Manual.pdf
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