Week #15: Lasers, Fiber-Optics & Vacuum Systems

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Week #15: Lasers, Fiber-Optics & Vacuum Systems

Post by rjagodowski » Tue May 05, 2020 1:22 pm

This week we will discuss some of the fundamentals of Lasers, Fiber-Optics and Vacuum Systems.
Basic Laser Principles.pdf
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Here is Explainthatstuff.com on Fiberoptics.

Refractive Index of Materials and Total Internal Reflection (scroll down for the pics! :-) ) from Wikipedia.

For lasers & fiber-optics, you are encouraged to watch these Laser Fundamentals 1 and Fiber-Optic Fundamentals videos from MIT. These are fairly detailed, but do contain a wealth of information.

Before reading the next link: Definition of 1 bar of pressure from Wikipedia.

Fundamentals of Vacuum Theory - Part 1 from Vacaero.com

Here's a good read comparing Electron Beam and Laser Beam Welding from The Fabricator.

Universal Laser Systems - How Digital Laser Material Processing Works

Electron Beam Welding from Wikipedia.

Some local companies you may have heard of:

Joining Technologies in East Granby, CT.

PTR - Precision Technologies in Enfield, CT.

Trumpf Germany, but locally in Farmington, CT.

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