Week #7: (10/19) BoeBot #2

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Week #7: (10/19) BoeBot #2

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We'll continue our discussion this week with operation of the servo motors and some basic programming techniques such as:

Servo Control statements with PULSOUT and PAUSE (Page 49)
Variables and types (Page 53)
FOR...NEXT statements (Page 56 & 64)
Servo Troubleshooting (Page 85)
START/RESET audible indicator (Page 86)
FREQOUT command & Piezo speaker (Page 89)
DEBUGIN command (Page 92)

This week in lab you should work your way into Chapter 3 at least to page 86, but feel free to go beyond that if you're comfortable doing so. We will also discuss the graph which needs to be created from Table 3-1 in the BoeBot text and the Excel spreadsheet file contained in the Week #8 BoeBot Lab #3 topic.
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