Week #12: (11/22-24) Flowcharts in Visio

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Week #12: (11/22-24) Flowcharts in Visio

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Today we will discuss how to create a Flowchart using Microsoft Visio. Visio is a paid add-on product to Microsoft Office.

We will use Visio to reproduce and print the flowchart shown below. You do not need to add the colors. Since you will be printing in black and white, it's best to keep the color scheme simple.

To print the document you can either:

1.) Log into the computer with your username, print normally and use your RAM swipe card to print your document.
2.) Save the file as a pdf: File > Save & Send > Create PDF/XPS Document, save the pdf on a USB Flashdrive and then plug this drive into the printer.

If you don't print it out today, that is OK, but make a point to print the document in lab on Monday, 11/30.

Make sure you save your work either on your Flashdrive or e-mail the file to yourself.
In-Class Flow Chart Assignment.jpg
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