Week #14: (12/7-12/11) BoeBot #7

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Week #14: (12/7-12/11) BoeBot #7

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NOTE: Two take home quizzes were given in class today. (One was supposed to be in-class, but was given as take home instead.) They are due Friday @ 9:05 (the start of class). If you were not in class to receive them, they are attached below for your convenience.

This week we will discuss key topics from Chapters 6 through 9 in the text.

These key topics are:

Light (Wavelength & Color) and the Phototransistor (Page 171)
Basic Stamp I/O Voltage Levels (Page 176)
Ohm's Law (Page 177) and Phototransistor I/O (Page 178)
Capacitors (Page 180) - Reading Capacitor Value: 0.1 uF = 104 (Page 181)
QT (Charge Transfer) circuit for Phototransistor Light Sensitivity
RCTIME Command (Page 184) and on page 363 in Syntax & Reference Manual (P6 used as output AND input)
Fig. 6-13 on Page 188 showing voltages RC Voltage decays due to charge transfer and light intensity.
PWM Command on Page 191 in Boebot text and Page 355 in the Syntax & Reference Manual.
Normalizing ambient light values for navigation on Page 194 in Boebot text, calculations on page 200.
Note variable ndshade can be negative (-500>+500), so it is defined as a Word variable.
Infrared Headlighs on Page 221 and IR LEDs on Page 223.
Modulating IR LEDs at 38.5 kHz Page 226 for to add noise immunity and later to add distance detection.
LED Series resistance and brightness (Page 235)
Quiz #8 Program segment beep.pdf
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Quiz #9 Take Home - Flowchart for Program segment beep.pdf
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