Information about Frames

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Information about Frames

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Coordinate System Frames in Industrial Robots from James Madison University

Coordinate Frames from James Madison U. This is a pretty good presentation of Coordinate Frames, but the last two pages get pretty deep, so you might wish to skip those. Here's the pdf if you prefer:
Coordinate Frames.pdf
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This Fanuc Robot User Guide from University of Ljubljana seems to have some nice visuals as to the coordinate system frame and robot motion. A pdf is attached here:
Fanuc Robot User Guide.pdf
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Some Videos from
World Mode Tutorial
Fanuc Robotics Presentation on Frames (19:38)
Tool Frames (9:12)
Establishing a Tool Frame using the 3-point Method (19:26)
User Frames (19:07)
Fanuc CERT Video on User Frames (38:28)
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