Week #2: Units & Conversions, Significant Digits

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Week #2: Units & Conversions, Significant Digits

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This week we will continue our brief discussion from last week, focusing on units and dimensional analysis.

Homework assignments throughout the course will be placed here. Assignment #1 will be distributed in class on Friday, 1/31. The Symbol & Conversion handout posted below as a pdf will be helpful for this first assignment. A printed copy will be provided to you in class on 1/31 as well.

Dimensional Analysis, Unity Fractions

Identifying the Number of Significant Digits and a Flashcard Quiz on Significant Digits.

Online Conversion of "just about anything to anything". OnlineConversion.com.

And Here's Another Online Conversion.

Last week we worked through this tutorial Comparing Hydraulics and Pneumatics. If you have not had a chance to look at it, please do so this week.

Here is a list of common conversions we'll need for various problems throughout this course. A printed copy of these two files will be available when you come into the lab beginning 9/28.
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Significant Digits Handout_v20.1.pdf
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