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Week #10: (11/9) Boebot Lab #5

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 8:34 am
by rjagodowski
Continue working through the Boebot Manual. You should finish Chapter 5 this week and be working through Chapter 6. Chapter 6 introduces electronic components which will give your Boebot "eyes" to be able to sense object using optical means.

NOTE: Next Monday, 11/16, you will be required to demonstrate one of the more recent Boebot experiments you have completed. I just want to get a tally of overall progress in the class as we head into the final weeks. There are 5 lab Mondays left in this semester after week #10.

There are several of you who still need to reserve some time to perform the PC Memory/Harddrive upgrade experiment from the beginning of the semester.