Week #8: (10/26-30) Boebot #4 & Exam #1 Announcement

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Week #8: (10/26-30) Boebot #4 & Exam #1 Announcement

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We will continue working through the Boebot for Chapter 4 & Chapter 5. This week, you should continue working in the BoeBot text and hopefully complete chapter 4 (including the questions at the end of the chapter) and be somewhere in chapter 5 by the end of the week.

Exam #1 will be given next week. Click here for more information.

Introduce the Syntax and Reference Manual for the Basic Stamp:
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We will briefly discuss the Basic Stamp Comparison Chart on pages 8 & 9 of the Syntax & Reference Manual and look-up a few of the common BS2 commands we've used so far. In general, the Basic Stamp Syntax & Reference Manual should be your first "go to" document if you wish to know about specific details of the hardware or programming instructions of the BS2 chips.

Content emphasis for this week in the BoeBot Text will be:
Simplifying Navigation with Subroutines (page 120)
EEPROM Navigation (page 127)
DATA directive and READ (page 127)
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