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Week #9: (11/2-11/6) Boebot #5 & Exam #1

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2019 6:39 pm
by rjagodowski
Exam #1 will be distributed this weekend. Details about the Exam can be found here.

We'll begin todays lecture with a demonstration of the EEPROM contents stored in the Chapter 4 Program EepromNavigation.bs2 . In addition, I will modify the program slightly to show how additional program variables are allocated variable memory.

Then we'll continue discussing the BoeBot beginning with Chapter 5 Tactile Navigation with Whiskers .

Side trip....go back to the EEPROM Navigation and showing how the DATA is stored in the EEPROM and it's relation to the ASCII character set. Here's an ASCII Table: ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and it is a standard to allow computers to represent letters, numbers, characters and control characters.

Whisker Schematic (Page 146) - 10k Pull-Up Resistors, 220 I/O protection resistors
CRSRXY - Cursor position in Debug (Page 151)
IF (condition) THEN...{ELSEIF (condition)}...{ELSE}...ENDIF - (Page 155) Decision Making Instruction
Forward_Pulse Subroutine (Page 158) - Testing whiskers while moving forward

IF..THEN...ELSE from Syntax & Reference Manual:
IF_THEN_ELSE_Syntax & ReferenceManual.pdf
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Artificial intelligence and Deciding when you're stuck - (Page 160)

We'll then begin looking at Flowcharts which will be covered in greater detail in Week #10.