Exam #1 Information

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Exam #1 Information

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NOTE: Exam #1 was originally scheduled to be distributed during Week #8. Exam #1 will now be distributed at the end of Week #9 (11/2-11/6).

This is where information about Exam #1 will be posted. Please check back soon for additional info.

Exam #1 will be distributed via Blackboard at the end Week #9. You will receive notification when the exam is formally posted.

CONTENT: The content in this exam will include some references to the PC material as addressed in the Quizzes. This exam WILL NOT include any of the material performed in Labs 1 through 4 as not everyone has had a chance to complete those labs. That material WILL be addressed in the Final Exam.

Exam #1 will also include material in the BoeBot text through Chapter 4 (page 98). You will have approximately one week plus a few days to complete the exam. You will either be able to hand it in the finished exam "in person" during your EET-101L lab or you can scan it in and submit it via Blackboard (instructions to follow on that procedure).

The exam will consist mostly of True/False, Multiple Choice and perhaps a few short answer/programming questions.
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