Week #5: (10/5-9) BoeBot #1

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Week #5: (10/5-9) BoeBot #1

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PLEASE NOTE: Monday, 10/14, is Columbus Day (two weeks away) and there are no classes at STCC on that day. Tuesday, 10/15, is following a Monday schedule, so all Monday classes will meet on Tuesday. Tuesday classes are cancelled for the week. Therefore, our lecture class will meet on Tuesday & Wednesday of that week. Those of you in the Tuesday lab WILL NOT have EET-101L lab on Tuesday of that week. Thursday afternoon & Friday morning labs WILL meet as usual that week.)

This week we begin our BoeBot construction. Be sure to bring your BoeBot to lab with you. You will follow the instructions provided in the BoeBot manual. You can find pdfs of BoeBot documentation on the CSET Forums here. Using the pdf version of the BoeBot Manual, you can copy and paste programs from the pdf manual into the BS2 Editor window. This will save time and decrease the likely of program errors.

Here is a Link to Parallax BoeBot Page including Downloads & Documentation

For convenience here's a pdf of the BoeBot Manual:
Here is the Direct Link to Windows Basic Stamp Editor.

Here is the Direct link to the MacBS2 Editor. You will probably want to download version 3.1.8.

Here is the Direct Link to Chrome Basic Stamp Editor.

You are encouraged to install the Basic Stamp Editor on your own PC/laptop. Link to download Basic Stamp Editor Software from Parallax
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