Week #1: Review of Basic Electricity Topics

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Week #1: Review of Basic Electricity Topics

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This first week we discuss the syllabus and do a quick review of key theories and concepts from your Electric Circuits/Circuit Theory courses.

Here are some topics with which you should be very familiar:

Ohm's Law: V=I*R, I = V/R, R=V/I
Power Formulas: P=I*V = V^2/R = I^2 * R
Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL): The algebraic sum of the voltage rises & drops around any closed loop is equal to zero.
Kirchhoff's Current Law (KCL): The algebraic sum of the currents entering and leaving a node must equal zero.
Voltage Divider: VRx = VT * (Rx/RT)
Resistor Color Code

Throughout the course, I will reference the content contained here at electronics-tutorials.ws. You can use the specific sections of DC Circuit Theory and AC Circuit Theory to help in your review.

For the first week's lesson, please read pages 1, 2 & 3 on the following link:
Semiconductor Basics from Electronics-Tutorials

Here are tutorials on Semiconductor Diode Basics 1 and Silicon Diode Basics 2 from Wisc-Online.com, as well as this one on (which has an audio track, so be sure to listen as well as watch) Basic Operation of a Silicon Diode .

We will also spend part of the 9/5 lecture discussing the equipment being used in lab this semester. The content for the first lab experiment is found Here.

Here's the pdf of a DC Electric Circuits Workbook which might help you refresh many of the topics mentioned above as well. I highlighted many of the key areas presented in EET-110 Electric Circuits 1.
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Here's the AC version of the DC book above by the same author. This is good, but parts do go into deeper mathematical depth than was covered in your EET-111 Electric Circuits 2 course.
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