Week #2 Electrical Materials, Semiconductors & Diodes

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Week #2 Electrical Materials, Semiconductors & Diodes

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This week we will begin discussing semiconductor diodes.

Semiconductor Basics from Electronics-Tutorials

Remember that by controlling the dopant atoms, great control can be exercised over the electrical characteristics of the doped semiconductor and its properties as either an n-type semiconductor or a p-type semiconductor.

We'll also look at this on PN Junction Theory.

NOTE: Some tutorials that I may post may not work properly, or at all, on mobile devices. This usually has something to do with the underlying method/software used. For example, Adobe Flash will commonly not work on mobile devices. Even on Desktop systems certain security settings have to be adjusted to allow Flash to work.

Here are tutorials on Semiconductor Diode Basics 1 and Silicon Diode Basics 2 from Wisc-Online.com, as well as this video (w/audio) on Basic Operation of a Silicon Diode .

We will also spend part of the lecture discussing the equipment being used in lab this semester. The content for the first lab experiment is found here in Week #2 Lab #1.
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