Week #5: Zener Diodes, LEDs & Laser Diodes

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Week #5: Zener Diodes, LEDs & Laser Diodes

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We will spend a bit of time reviewing Zener Diodes and their applications from last week's lecture. A data sheet pdf has been attached here for the 1N47xx zener diode family from Vishay.
1n47xx Zener Diode DataSheet.pdf
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We will then discuss Light Emitting Diodes. Here's additional information on LEDs from adafurit.com and Wikipedia. Both have very good practical and technical information about LEDs.

Fundamentals of Lasers

Wikipedia on Laser Diodes

Here is an example of a laser materials processing machine (lathe) manufactured by the company one of our recent graduates works at in Agawam.

Since we miss next Tuesday's lecture due to the Columbus Day Observance, we will begin discussing Week #6 Material on Special Purpose Diodes on Thursday.

This week's lab can be found here. Printed copies will be provided to you on Tuesday.
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