Week #12: (11/23-27) BJT Amplifier Types, JFETs & MOSFETs

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Week #12: (11/23-27) BJT Amplifier Types, JFETs & MOSFETs

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We will revisit Week #10 with emphasis on amplifier classification: Class A, Class B, Class AB and others.

Once that has been completed, we'll take an ever-so-slight detour to discuss SCRs. This is in preparation for your next lab which can be found here.

http://www.wisc-online.com/Objects/View ... ID=SSE4803 and http://www.wisc-online.com/Objects/View ... ID=SSE4903,

also from AllAboutCircuits.com:
Shockley Diodes and SCRs

Then, we'll resume our discussion of FETs with:

JFET Tutorial. We completed this last week.

JFETs from Wisc-Online

JFET Amplifiers and their similarity to BJT amplifier circuits (from Wisc-online).

MOSFET Tutorial

MOSFET Vocabulary from Wisc-Online.

E-MOSFETs - The Ohmic Region.
2N7000-D_MOSFET DataSheet.PDF
(92.51 KiB) Downloaded 35 times
The MOSFET as a Switch.

MOSFET Switching Tutorial Make special note of the H-Bridge which is commonly used for DC Motor Control.

(852.58 KiB) Downloaded 28 times
Infineon Power MOSFETs
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