Week #1: Overview of Course, Numbers & Units

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Week #1: Overview of Course, Numbers & Units

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We can perform an overview of the course and an introduction to hydraulic and pneumatic systems from the comparison tutorial below.
Comparing Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Now...a bit about numbers....

The links below are used to support the material covered in the first few weeks of class on numbers, units and conversions.

Scientific and Engineering Notation

Scientific Notation from MathIsFun.com . Check out the practice problems at the end.

Here's a handout on Scientific & Engineering Notation. A printed copy will be made available to you in class.
Scientific & Engineering Notation.pdf
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Dimensional Analysis, Unit Conversions This is a very important topic for calculations. Several examples will be worked through in class during the first few weeks of the course.

YouTube Video on Scientific and Engineering Notation (10:02)

Metric Conversion Website which shows math behind the numbers and other related information about the units being used. Next week we'll look at a few other conversion sites.

Machinists Measure of Thousandths & Millionths This could be of interest for those of you with a machinists background. At the minimum, what you should know is that if you see a number such as 5 mils, that means 5 thousandths of an inch. 1 mil - 1 thousandth = 0.001 inches. So 5 mils = 0.005 inches. It's good info to know, but not specifically needed for this course. Just an FYI.

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