Week #13: StampWorks Experiments #2.

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Week #13: StampWorks Experiments #2.

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As you complete the experiments below, you should create a post which lists which experiments you completed. As a reference, by the end of Week #14 you should have completed the first 9 StampWorks Experiments listed below through Experiment #18.

You MUST demonstrate at least one of your completed experiments to your instructor each time you are in the lab or you will not receive credit for your posts. I will then verify your post with an edit added to your post with a statement similar to "Verified 4/29/21 by RJ"

Stampworks lab information and assignments were originally posted here in Week #7.

The assignments have been copied again below for your convenience:

The Stampworks Manual can be downloaded here.

The BS2 programs for all of the StampWorks Experiments are contained in this zip file:
(75.1 KiB) Downloaded 92 times
You will notice that the list below begins with Experiments #26 & #27, then back to Experiment #10. It is advised you perform these Experiments in this order.

The additional required experiments in the StampWorks Manual are:

Experiments #11, 12 & 13: Using an LCD Display
Experiment #16: Frequency Measurement
Experiment #17: Advanced Frequency Measurement
Experiment #18: A Light Controlled Theremin

Additional Experiments (Extra-Credit) are:
Experiment #31: Advanced 7-Segment Multiplexing*
Experiment #32: I2C Communications*
Experiment #33: Using A Real-Time Clock

*These Experiments require external parts not contained within the StampWorks Board Inventory. See your instructor for these components.

There will be a few other additional BS2 activities to perform, such as: using the PING Ultrasonic Sensor, a 4x4 KeyPad and, if not already completed, viewing BS2 I/O signals on the Agilent Digital Scopes, to name a few.
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Re: Week #13: StampWorks Experiments #2.

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Completed experiments 11, 12, and 13.
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Re: Week #13: StampWorks Experiments #2.

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EX. 11, 12, 13 are done
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Re: Week #13: StampWorks Experiments #2.

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11;12 & 13 lcd with sharmake
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Re: Week #13: StampWorks Experiments #2.

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completed activities
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Re: Week #13: StampWorks Experiments #2.

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Completed all experiments except for the extra credit,
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Re: Week #13: StampWorks Experiments #2.

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11 through 13 are finished.

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