Week #15: PING Sensor

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Week #15: PING Sensor

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The instructions and pdf files to investigate the PING sensor and 4x4 Keypad are found below.

PING Sensor:

Here's the link to the PING Sensor from Parallax and here is the Chapter from the Smart Sensors Text using the PING sensor. These are the exercises you should perform when using the PING.Only do the experiments up to the LCD display. Don't do those, but skip to the part below labelled "EXTRA CREDIT".
PING from SmartSensorsText_v14.1 (1).pdf
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A printed copy will be available for you in the lab.

Here's a document on using the PING as a fluid level detector (Do Not Build!):
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Here's a link of using the BS2, a standard servo and a PING sensor, along with the DEBUG output to generate a RADAR type display. BS2, PING Sensor & Servo to RADAR

The PING sensor reports it's information to the BS2 using the PULSIN command. Here is the information about PULSIN from the Syntax & Reference Manual:
PULSIN from Syntax & Reference Manual.pdf
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You MUST demonstrate at least one of your completed PING experiments to your instructor or you will not receive credit for your posts. I will then verify your post with an edit added to your post with a statement similar to "Verified 4/29/21 by RJ"


If you're interested in an exercise which mounts the PING Sensor to a Standard Servo to make an "Ultrasonic Radar", follow this link and demonstrate it's operation. See me for the mounting hardware & servo.

The Servo/PING does not have to be mounted to a Boebot. As long as the servo is immobilized (screwed to a wooden block or even taped to the table top) this will work. Ideally you want about 6-10 feet of clear space in front of the Servo/PING combination. This should work like a "radar" display, showing an "X" where the PING sensor is located and a "*" appears where the PING "sees" an object.

When the Debug display pops up, "grab" a corner of it and expand the Debug Window so it fills a good part of your display, both vertically and horizontally. If the program is working properly, the PING sensor will sweep back and forth and an ultrasonic "scan" of the area should appear on your computer screen in the Debug area. Take a screenshot of one of these scans and post it, if you're able.
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Re: Week #15: PING Sensor

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finished activities.
Building ultrasonic on boebot
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Re: Week #15: PING Sensor

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Ping sensor activities done.
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Re: Week #15: PING Sensor

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Ping sensor activities done, except for the activities with the LCD.
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Re: Week #15: PING Sensor

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5/13/2021- completed
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Re: Week #15: PING Sensor

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Ping experiment was completed

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