Week #15 & #16: (5/3-12) Blue Prints, Technical Diagrams, Mechanics.

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Week #15 & #16: (5/3-12) Blue Prints, Technical Diagrams, Mechanics.

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We will spend this week discussing Blue Prints and other Technical Diagrams such as electronic schematics & ladder diagrams, then on to discuss some mechanical concepts.

Here's a handout on Blueprint Reading:
basicblueprintreading-1 per page.pdf
(2.99 MiB) Downloaded 166 times
Or if you wish to print it (still a lot of paper):
basicblueprintreading-4 per page.pdf
If you wish to print this, this one puts 4 slides on one page.
(3.29 MiB) Downloaded 176 times

From EET-130L:
Six Rules of Drawing a Ladder Diagram.pdf
(640.23 KiB) Downloaded 169 times

Elenco Power Supply Manual & Schematic:
Elenco XP-15K_REV-P-2_Manual.pdf
(2.54 MiB) Downloaded 167 times
PAD-234 Protoboard Manual & Schematics:
PAD-234 Operators Manual.pdf
(421.06 KiB) Downloaded 159 times

Mechanical Tools:

Fastener Basics:
(628.46 KiB) Downloaded 161 times
How to Use a Torque Wrench.

Video: How to Use a Torque Wrench (4:52)

Bolt Tightening Sequence - Why It Matters.

How to Make A Measurement with a Micrometer (5:40)
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