Week #4: Software, Networking, Internet, Security & Binary Basics

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Week #4: Software, Networking, Internet, Security & Binary Basics

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We'll start Monday with a brief introduction to Lab #4. Some support links are posted at the end of this post.

This week we'll finish up the tutorials here on the Internet along with some discussions on security and keeping your computer safe.

PCMag: The Best Free Antivirus Protection of 2021.

Here's a link to Amazon's guidelines if you get a suspicious email that appears to be from them. Click here.

Troubleshooting: Have you tried turning it off and on again? from the IT Crowd sitcom.

Basics of Networking slideshow. Not required for you to look at, but it is a pretty good introductory level to networking concepts.

Here's a detailed view of Industrial security. Network Security & Industrial Security and its Webpage from Siemens.

Recent (Summer 2017) Equifax Hack from USA Today.

Calm Down: Your Identity has Already Been Stolen.

We'll then discuss a little bit about computer numbers systems using Binary Numbers from Purple Math.

From Khan Academy:

Number Systems and Binary Intro

Converting from Binary to Hex

Binary-Decimal-Hexadecimal Converter (Calculator)

Support Documents for This week's lab:


Wat is CMOS and What is it for?

Dual Inline Memory Modules

SATA from Wikipedia
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