Week #3: Energy, Force, Pressure & Torque

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Week #3: Energy, Force, Pressure & Torque

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This week we will discuss the topic of Force. For Homework, please read pages 167-173 in Chapter 9 in the text. The topics will include Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Force, Pressure, Torque, Work & Power. You should also read pages 173-182 dealing with Simple Machines & Efficiency.

Answers to last week's homework assignment (Homework #1) can be found here (Note that this is in a "Registered Users Only" area so you need an account and must be logged into the forums to access this content.).

Forces and Pressure This link should be helpful for the homework assignment. Please read up to the section on Boyle's Law. We'll discuss that law soon.

Absolute and Gauge Pressure

Atmospheric Pressure Measurements

Absolute & Gauge Pressure Graph.jpeg
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