Week #4: Logic Circuit Design, Minterms, Maxterms, SOP, POS.

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Week #4: Logic Circuit Design, Minterms, Maxterms, SOP, POS.

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We will look at practical logic circuit design techniques this week. We will use next week's lab experiment for an example. This link on Substituting Gates. should help with Circuit #3.

This YouTube Presentation of Minterm, Maxterm & Canonical Expressions (4:13) is a pretty straight forward summary of the terminology.

Here's a basic link on POS & SOP from dyclassroom.com. There is a 10 minute video embedded into this link as well.

Here's a good link for SOP and POS shorthand notation from AllAboutCircuits, but it uses Karnaugh Maps to represent the function. K-Maps contain the same information as a truth table, but present it in table format to aid in the simplification process.

This Site has good information on SOP, POS, and the notation used, however it also has lots of info we don't need to cover. I've attached a pdf of the above content with select pages deleted to better help focus the content as needed for our purposes.
Minterm_Maxterm_SOP_POS Handout_Editted.pdf
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