Week #5: Muxes, DMuxes & Adders

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Week #5: Muxes, DMuxes & Adders

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This week we will discuss various combinational logic functions. We'll being the discussion with Multiplexers as these will be used in this week's lab which can be found here.

This Electronics-tutorials.ws shows how they work.

Using MUXes to implement a truth table:
Using a Mux for Truth Table_Editted_f05_week05.pdf
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This YouTube Presentation on MUXes is pretty good, unfortunately his "white board" artistry is as bad as mine. The theory of operation is presented in the first 5 minutes, the rest includes applications.

This is a good YouTube Mux Presentation but they use a different representation for logic expressions (programmer's symbols) and they use Karnaugh Maps along with Truth Tables. See if you can follow it.
Hint: ~ = NOT, & = AND, | = OR.

And if you can Multiplex, you can DeMultiplex. Here is the electronics-tutorials presentation on Demultiplexers.

We will then discuss Adder Circuits.
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