Week #1: 9/8-11.

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Week #1: 9/8-11.

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This first week you will have a brief introduction to the Agilent Digital Oscilloscopes.

In addition you should become familiar with some of the equipment we will use this semester. Read each of the links below.

Introduction to the Protoboards, PAD234 Trainers & Agilent Oscilloscopes.
Protoboard links and next week's 555 YouTube Assignment.
PAD-234 Analog/Digital Trainer Kits (Scroll Down) The PAD-234 Users Manual is here:
PAD-234 Operators Manual.pdf
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Agilent Oscilloscope Manuals Link This link takes you to the "old" forums, make sure you find your way back to the new forums.

This week's assignment:

Download and save all of the documents posted or linked to in this topic. It is suggested that you keep the user's manuals on your USB flashdrive for handy reference.

Watch each of the YouTube Video Tutorials linked to in this topic in preparation for your first lab experiment next week (Week #2) using the 555 Timer IC.

Here are some additional tutorials on 555 Timer Operation from Wisc-online.com:

Internal Elements of the 555 Timer

555 Astable Multivibrator from Wisc-online.com

555 Monostable Multivibrator

Open the Quick Demo Guide for the Agilent Oscilloscope attached below and read through the procedure presented in the guide. You will have the opportunity to view this Quick Demo during next week's lab session.
PAD-234 Operators Manual.pdf
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IMPORTANT: When you are done with the Oscilloscope please return it to it's proper box, packaged as you found it and put it away. Likewise for the PAD-234 Trainer Kits. Make sure you put all components back in the proper locations.

We will not construct any circuits this first week. For week #2 (Week of 9/8-9/12) you will construct the 555 timer circuit presented in the YouTube videos shown on the Protoboards link.

Re: Week #1: 9/8-11.

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