Week #5: DACs & ADCs

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Week #5: DACs & ADCs

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The lab scheduled for this week is an Electronics Workbench Simulation of DACs and ADCs. This program is not loaded onto all of the 20/M118 computers, but it will be installed on select computers in the lab during your schedule lab time (T.Th. 12:00-2:30). This experiment will use Electronics Workbench (EWB) V5.12 to simulate and observe the operation of a digital to analog converter (DAC) and then a complete Analog to Digital (ADC) and Digital to Analog (DAC) conversion process.

The EWB circuit files are also attached below.

Printed copies of this exercise will be provided in class on 2/20. The pdf is available here:
Lab Exercise DAC and ADC v16.1.pdf
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You may find this link handy: How to Take Screen Shots on your computer.

When you complete this exercise, post a reply to this post stating that you have finished the assignment. Show your completed lab sheets to Rick for credit.

These are the simulation files for Electronics Workbench:
adc and dac system.ewb
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dac r-2r ladder type.ewb
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Re: Week #5: DACs & ADCs

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Week 5
250 week 5.jpg
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Re: Week #5: DACs & ADCs

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Week 5
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Re: Week #5: DACs & ADCs

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Week 5 Lab
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Re: Week #5: DACs & ADCs

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Paula Garcia Week 5
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Re: Week #5: DACs & ADCs

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Week 5
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Re: Week #5: DACs & ADCs

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Week 5
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