Week #6: Intro to Parallax Process Control - Week #1

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Week #6: Intro to Parallax Process Control - Week #1

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This week will be the introduction to using the Basic Stamp and the Parallax Process Control text.

The Parallax Process Control text can be downloaded directly from Parallax, but you are better off to use the version attached here as this contains the combined text with the errata file.

Process Control Text v1.0.23.pdf
NOTE: This is the version which contains an errata section which corrects errors in the original document.
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[/b] This has been updated since the beginning of the Spring 2023 Semester, with a correction to Challenge 2-1 on page 34. You should download this newer version.

The lab sheet for this week is here: . This includes the instructions for today's exercises and the parts list for the circuits to be built during the remainder of the semester.

When you finish this exercise, make a post in the form of a Reply to this topic stating you have completed the assignment. Upon completion of this exercise you should have a parts kit with all components (or a list of the component needed) and have completed Chapters 1 & 2 in the Parallax Process Control text.

Here is the link where you can download the Process Control Example Code. These are ALL of the BS2 programs required in the Process Control text. If you download these, you can open them directly directly with the BS2 Editor so you won't have to "copy and paste" from the pdf file. The zipped file of these programs is also available directly here: [/b]

Here is the StampPlot Software needed. After you download it you MUST change the extension from .pdf to .exe. This IS NOT a pdf. It is Windows executable file.
THIS IS NOT A PDF. You must rename the extension of this file to .exe after downloading it.
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The forums do not allow executable files to be posted due to the high likelihood of virus and malware transmission via the .exe file. Disguising it as a "pdf" circumvents that issue.

Note that the default setup for Windows is to automatically hide the file extensions from files so users won't accidentally change them. Changing a filename extension will likely prevent it from being automatically opened by the correct software. If you need information on how to show file extensions, this link will show you how HowToGeek.com, How to Make Windows Show File Extensions. Once the file extensions are visible you can Rename the extension part of the file using "Rename", or the "Properties" option, then selecting Rename. Reverse your procedure if you wish to hide file extensions afterward.

You will also need the StampPlot Macros or here:
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Here is a pdf of just Chapter 3 of the Process Control Text which will be your assignment for next week (Week #7):
Process-Control-Text-CHapter 3_v1.0.pdf
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Process Control Text v1.0.19.pdf
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