Week #17 (5/15-19) Weekly Progress Report

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Week #17 (5/15-19) Weekly Progress Report

Post by rjagodowski »

Post your progress, contributions, work and anything else you did for the Team project here.

There will be a separate Topic for each week during the semester.

These are individual posts, so each member must post their own progress report. If you worked with others, or the entire group, then you can mention that in your post as well. But each member must post to receive credit for this week's post.
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Re: Week #17 (5/15-19) Weekly Progress Report

Post by hnle »

I successfully configured input and output signals between PLC and Fanuc robot. PLC sends out a signal to remotely start the painting job. When painting is done, Fanuc robot sends out a done bit to PLC to trigger the DoBot picking up the car. I also tested the painting job to find out the ideal air pressure needed.
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Re: Week #17 (5/15-19) Weekly Progress Report

Post by rjstrange2101 »

This week I was able to finish the team paper, gather all of the programs from my teammates and send it to them for submission
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Re: Week #17 (5/15-19) Weekly Progress Report

Post by ncfutrell0001 »

I assisted in troubleshooting the integration of out various systems with the rest of the team. Most of our mechanism worked individually but repeatability was not there and we could not get one area to feed into the next consistently. We adjusted the timing of the programs and rails were introduced to the conveyor in an attempt to add consistency to the pinewood derby cars position.
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