Week #16 (5/8-12) Weekly Progress Report

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Week #16 (5/8-12) Weekly Progress Report

Post by rjagodowski »

Post your progress, contributions, work and anything else you did for the Team project here.

There will be a separate Topic for each week during the semester.

These are individual posts, so each member must post their own progress report. If you worked with others, or the entire group, then you can mention that in your post as well. But each member must post to receive credit for this week's post.
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Re: Week #16 (5/8-12) Weekly Progress Report

Post by hnle »

I spent most of the time of this week trying to connect the PLC to Fanuc robot with hardwire option. I soldered the input, common pins and had the good reading of 24V. However, Fanuc digital I/O system did not recognize the signal. Then, I moved back to ethernet option and found out the Micro 850 PLC does not support I/O connections via ethernet.
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Re: Week #16 (5/8-12) Weekly Progress Report

Post by edmedina0001 »

For this week I tweaked the conveyor belt to be even more precise for what we we want it to do in the assembly line. I also written down all the coordinates of each stage of movement for the dobot responsible for attaching the wheels and axle onto the wooden block so that I can incorporate it into the the blocky program of the conveyor belt so that I can all work and function as one complete unit.
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Re: Week #16 (5/8-12) Weekly Progress Report

Post by rjstrange2101 »

This week I started the team paper, and gathered photos to submit along with it.
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