Week #4: Software, Networking, Internet, Security & Binary Basics

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Week #4: Software, Networking, Internet, Security & Binary Basics

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This week we'll finish up the tutorials here on the Internet along with some discussions on security and keeping your computer safe.

PCMag: The Best Free Antivirus Protection of 2023.

Here's a link to Amazon's guidelines if you get a suspicious email that appears to be from them. Click here.

Troubleshooting: Have you tried turning it off and on again? from the IT Crowd sitcom.

Basics of Networking slideshow. Not required for you to look at, but it is a pretty good introductory level to networking concepts.

Here's a detailed view of Industrial security. Network Security & Industrial Security and its Webpage from Siemens.

The Summer of 2017 Equifax Hack from USA Today.

Calm Down: Your Identity has Already Been Stolen.

We'll then discuss a little bit about computer numbers systems using Binary Numbers from Purple Math.

From Khan Academy:

Number Systems and Binary Intro

Converting from Binary to Hex

Binary-Decimal-Hexadecimal Converter (Calculator)

Some Additional Support Documents for Techs who work with PCs:

Wat is CMOS and What is it for?

Dual Inline Memory Modules

SATA from Wikipedia

And if you have an interest in Linux, here's some info about Ubuntu, a popular version with good support: Ubuntu for Desktops.
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