Final Project Program

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Final Project Program

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Here is the trimmed down program to use a single input on DI_04 to control the analog output to the VFD to control the motor speed.

The programs are already loaded into the PLC and the HMI. You will need to connect to them via PC to force DI_04 high in order to turn the motor on.

As we discussed in class, I would suggest swapping out the analog module on the PLC to see if that is why it stopped working. Maybe when we tried to change it to current controlled from voltage controlled and didn't change the setting it got toasted or something. The program did show that the output was being set but with a meter we did not read any voltage coming from the analog output.
Last Time.ccwsln
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Re: Final Project Program

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Thanks for your work on this project. You covered a lot of difficult material with a steep learning curve. I appreciate your dedication, patience and input.

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