Week #5: (10/1-5) BoeBot #1

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Week #5: (10/1-5) BoeBot #1

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PLEASE NOTE: Next week, Monday, 10/8, is Columbus Day and there are no classes at STCC on that day. Tuesday, 10/9, is following a Monday schedule, so all Monday classes will meet on Tuesday. Tuesday classes are cancelled for the week. Therefore, our lecture class will meet on Tuesday & Wednesday of next week. Those of you in the Tuesday lab WILL NOT have EET-101L lab on Tuesday of next week. Thursday lab WILL meet as usual and the Monday lab will meet on Tuesday, 10/9 per the schedule change.)

This week we begin the discussion of our BoeBots. You should have received a spiral bound manual with the kit. Documentation in pdf form for the BoeBot can be found on the CSET Forums here.

This first week I'll give an overview of the BoeBot, the software and communication and then discuss the LEDs and Servo Motors.

10/1: For an introduction, we'll look at this link on What is a Microcontroller? Some of the devices mentioned are a bit dated, but the overall presentation of Microcontrollers (aka embedded controllers) is still applicable.

We will discuss the importance of the BS2 and PBASIC directive statements for each program and then looked at the memory map to see that comment lines did not add to the program size downloaded to the Basic Stamp.

10/3: We'll discuss a bit about the LED circuits and servo motor operation as presented in Chapter 2 of the text.

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