Week #6: (10/9-12) BoeBot #2

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Week #6: (10/9-12) BoeBot #2

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We'll continue our discussion this week with operation of the servo motors and some basic programming techniques such as:

Servo Control statements with PULSOUT and PAUSE (Page 49)
Variables and types (Page 53)
FOR...NEXT statements (Page 56 & 64)
Servo Troubleshooting (Page 85)
START/RESET audible indicator (Page 86)
FREQOUT command & Piezo speaker (Page 89)
DEBUGIN command (Page 92)

You can download the BoeBot Manual here.

Binary, Hex & Decimal Numbers.

These links were originally posted in Week #4 and copied here for your reference & convenience.

Binary Numbers from Purple Math.

From Khan Academy:

Number Systems and Binary Intro

Converting from Binary to Hex

There are many Calculators available to convert numbers among the bases. Your Operating System might have one built in (Windows & Mac), there are apps (applications) which do, and there are websites which do it as well. Here's one such website: Binary-Decimal-Hexadecimal Converter (Calculator)

This week in lab you should work your way into Chapter 3 at least to page 86, but feel free to go beyond that if you're comfortable doing so. On Wednesday we will also discuss the graph which needs to be created from Table 3-1 in the BoeBot text and the Excel spreadsheet file contained in the Week #7/8 BoeBot Lab #3 topic. (Last year's link, this year's updated link to be posted soon.)

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