Week #8: (10/22-26) BoeBot #4

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Week #8: (10/22-26) BoeBot #4

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We will continue working through the Boebot for Chapter 4 & Chapter 5. This week, you should continue working in the BoeBot text and hopefully complete chapter 4 (including the questions at the end of the chapter) and be somewhere in chapter 5 by the end of the week.

Introduce the Syntax and Reference Manual for the Basic Stamp:
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We will briefly discuss the Basic Stamp Comparison Chart on pages 8 & 9 of the Syntax & Reference Manual.

Content emphasis for this week in the BoeBot Text will be:
Simplifying Navigation with Subroutines (page 120)
EEPROM Navigation (page 127)
DATA directive and READ (page 127)

REMINDER: Monday, 11/12, is the Veteran's Day observance and STCC will be closed on that day. DAY CLASSES on Wednesday, November 14, follow a Monday schedule. STCC Academic Calendar for further details.

Our first exam will most likely be held on Wednesday, 11/14. Further details will be forthcoming.

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