Week #12: (11/19-21) Chapters 6-9

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Week #12: (11/19-21) Chapters 6-9

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NOTE: Reminder that the college is on Thanksgiving recess beginning at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 11/21. There are no evening classes on Wednesday, 11/21 and no classes of any kind on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 11/22-24. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

We'll begin Monday's lecture with a discussion of the End-of-Semester Project. Details are posted here.

For the next couple of weeks we will discuss key topics from Chapters 6 through 9 in the text.

These key topics are:

Light (Wavelength & Color) and the Phototransistor (Page 171)
Basic Stamp I/O Voltage Levels (Page 176)
Ohm's Law (Page 177) and Phototransistor I/O (Page 178)
Capacitors (Page 180) - Reading Capacitor Value: 0.1 uF = 104 (Page 181)
QT (Charge Transfer) circuit for Phototransistor Light Sensitivity
RCTIME Command (Page 184) and on page 363 in Syntax & Reference Manual (P6 used as output AND input)
Fig. 6-13 on Page 188 showing voltages RC Voltage decays due to charge transfer and light intensity.
PWM Command on Page 191 in Boebot text and Page 355 in the Syntax & Reference Manual.
PWM from Sparkfun.com
Normalizing ambient light values for navigation on Page 194 in Boebot text, calculations on page 200.

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