Week #6: (10/11) Opens & Shorts

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Week #6: (10/11) Opens & Shorts

Post by rjagodowski » Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:30 am

Today we will discuss opens and shorts and their effects on circuit operation and applications of Ohm's Law.

The Forum posts from Week #5 should be used as resources. The homework assignment from last week is: For Homework: Please answer Review Questions 1-11 on page 395.

In preparation for next Friday's class (10/18), begin reading Chapter 21 in the text. You should read up to page 410, stopping before Section 21.3.7. In your reading, pay special attention to Section 21.3.4 Digital Multimeters (DMM).

Here are three DMM Tutorials from Wisc-online:
Introduction to the Digital Multimeter

DMM - Ohmmeter Connections

Proper Digital Multimeter Placement. (Hint: To get the probes onto the circuit test points, drag the probe until the point where the metal tip meets the plastic handle is over the connection point.)

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