Week #14: (12/2-6) Review Week #13, 555 Timer.

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Week #14: (12/2-6) Review Week #13, 555 Timer.

Post by rjagodowski » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:32 pm

NOTE: No class on Monday, 12/2, due to the inclement weather. For those who were not in class on Wednesday, we covered most of the topics from Week #13 on Wednesday, 11/27.

555 Timer IC and it's applications.

This week we'll discuss operation of the 555 Timer IC chip. As you recall, your first lab of the semester used the 555. Your last lab this semester in Week #15 will also be a 555 based circuit to control an electric motor using Pulse-Width Modualtion. You will have the opportunity to use it again in the EET-250 Control System Theory Class.

For now, we'll review the Wisc-Online resources:

Internal Elements of a 555 Timer You will see how the 555 uses many of the topics presented throughout our coursework this semester. You should FULLY UNDERSTAND the operation of each section of the 555.

The 555 Astable Multi-Vibrator (aka "Pulse Wave")

Duty Cycle of the 555 Astable Multi-Vibrator

The 555 Monostable Multi-Vibrator (aka "One-Shot")

555 Timer Equations, Calculator and Tutorial from AllAboutCircuits.com.

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