Week #14: (12/5, 9) Cavitation & Course Wrap Up.

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Week #14: (12/5, 9) Cavitation & Course Wrap Up.

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Note: Due to the inclement weather, classes were cancelled on Monday, 12/2 so the Monday section is still following the Thursday section.

This will be our last week of lecture. We'll discuss the topic of Cavitation in Hydraulic systems. Then we'll do a review and preparation for the Final Exam.

Aeration vs. Cavitation in Hydraulic Systems from FluidPowerWorld.com .

Hydraulic Pump Cavitation - What is it & How can you prevent it.

Here's a video on Cavitation in Hydraulic Pumps from Koldwater Software (<5 min).

This is a great video on Hydraulic Pump Life & Cavitation but is rather long(1hr 02min). A good watch for a cold winter night by the fire!

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