Final Exam Information - Wednesday, 12/18/19.

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Final Exam Information - Wednesday, 12/18/19.

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The Final Exam for EET-104 is scheduled for 9:05-10:55 Wednesday, December 18, 2019 according to the STCC 2019 Fall Final Exam Schedule here. NOTE that this is the same day and time that the EET-105 & EET-106 courses are scheduled to have their Final Exams as well. Here is how this will work:

The EET-105 Final Exam is a Take Home exam consisting of 2 Visio Drawings. More information about this exam can be found here. You can download the pdf which contains the two drawings by following that link.

The Final Exams for BOTH EET-104 and EET-106 will be given during the 9:05-10:55 time slot on December 18. These are only 1 credit modular courses and the final exam for each course will be less than 1 hour in duration.

EET-104 Safety & Health in Industry Review
A good preparation would be to make sure you've answered ALL of the assigned "Review" and "NIMS" questions at the end of each Chapter in the text which we covered. If you misplaced the printed answer keys distributed in class, you may find them here. In addition, review the content presented in each week of the Forums here.

Industrial Safety and OSHA - Chapter 2 in the text, lots of content including:
    Professional Conduct
    Lockout/Tagout/Blocking/Pinch Points
    Safe Lifting
    Confined Spaces
    Electrical Safety
    Flammable Materials
Chapter 23 Electrical Safety:
  • GFCI's (pages 37, 450 & 451 in Chapter 23 in the text)
    Fuses and Circuit Breakers (Pages 447-451 in Chapter 23)
    Week #8
Hand Tool Safety (Ch. 4, Week #5)
Power Tool Safety (Ch. 4, Week #7)

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